Loss Prevention


DTH Expeditors, Inc., as needed, provides over-pack materials for all Next Flight Out shipments. DTH also uses heavy-duty plastic bags to consolidate multiple piece shipments. These bags help minimize mishandling and protect your valuable shipments from the elements of Mother Nature. Each single shipment is placed in cartons marked and labeled with the DTH Expeditors, Inc. name and toll free number, in the unlikely event a shipment is lost in transit. This special packaging makes it easier to locate.


DTH Expeditors, Inc., as a matter of each shipment history, takes a photo of a shipment once accepted for transit and before over-pack. This photo remains in the shipment file until delivery requirements are met. At that time the photo is deleted. Shipment photo history is an additional step that DTH takes to make potential lost in transit shipments easy to identify with our carrier partners, if needed.


DTH Expeditors, Inc.’s in-vehicle technology allows our routing agents to design, create and direct driver/vehicles along a preferred route for delivery. Each shipment is analyzed for best route options and then selected by industry professionals. In the event a driver/vehicle goes off chosen route, DTH customer service and operations are notified electronically from the in-vehicle technology direct to the DTH operating system. After receiving electronic notification of route variance, the DTH staff has time to make driver corrections that result in on-time delivery.

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