DTH Expeditors, Inc. is a leading industry provider in aviation logistics and management services. DTH understands urgency, airport nuances, vendor to airline movement, inter-airline movement, Aircraft (AOG), OEM’s, MRO’s, inventory management, on board courier, and global distribution of aircraft parts.

The DTH 24/7/365 Customer Service Team, based in Atlanta, Georgia has an Aviation Department that is staffed with aviation experienced customer service and operations specialists. The 24/7/365 Aviation desk coordinates NFO, AOG movements, expedited air and courier expedites, aircraft engine moves and on board courier moves.

Every Shipment is monitored with status updates at each major event within the priority aviation movement process.

  • Confirmed On Board Courier Pick-Up
  • Shipment Dropped at Airlines
  • Shipment Confirmed on Board Airline
  • Shipment Confirmed on Hand Destination
  • Shipment Confirmed on Board for Courier Delivery
  • Final Proof of Delivery

These event notifications are communicated to the customer in the manner they choose. DTH’s flexibility and ease of doing business puts the customer in charge of how business is done and communication flow works with your schedule and terms of service. DTH provides shipment location, distance and ETA to pick-up and delivery points with each status update, via email, electronic file or phone calls.

Each aviation shipment requires a customized approach to routings and carrier selection to optimize time and meet the customer expectations including communication from Pick-Up to final P.O.D. These procedures are detailed down to aircraft tail numbers available for track and trace or customer identification needs.

DTH operating systems link directly to a flight data system that ensures the fastest, most reliable, direct flights, connecting flights and inter-line flights available to meet delivery requirements. Through DTH in-house technology we monitor weather, traffic, load factors on flights, airport operational hours of service, expedite ground carriers associated to selected airport for optimal flight selection, which results in world class service.

DTH understands planes belong in the air, not on the ground; we keep you flying.

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