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DTH Expeditors, Inc.

DTH Expeditors, Inc. (DTH) is an industry leader in the movement of critical, time definite, expedited air and ground shipments. Built by experience, technology, communications, proven operating standards and procedures and world-class customer service, DTH gets the job done.


DTH’s intellectual industry knowledge is second to none. Our transportation and logistics professionals, drivers and partners understand service, urgency and customer satisfaction. DTH provides continuous training and education to all employees to stay ahead of industry trends. Our staff are solution specialists with a unique understanding of customer needs and expectations. They analyze each shipment to provide fast, dependable carrier options at competitive pricing.


DTH has developed its own operating systems for both air and ground expedites. This technology is built with total visibility beginning to end during the shipping process for customer peace of mind. Web based order placement, track and trace existing shipment, view customer shipment history and the ability to run management reports are key elements to online technology. Satellite tracking technology for all expedite vehicles provides instant and accurate driver/vehicle location. System mandated operating guidelines and procedures are in place to properly ensure order entry, carrier selection, accurate accounting processes, inventory management and service standards.


DTH sets the industry standard for customer/vendor communication.  Using a web based operational system that directly interfaces with customers, carriers, drivers and capacity providers, DTH supplies critical information flow in real time. Our operational system is linked directly to airline databases for flight schedules and selection. Our in-vehicle technology creates the DTH virtual fleet application to provide direct, instant vehicle to customer shipment status. DTH’s Customer Service Control Center stands watch over all your time definite shipments across the world, 24/7/365.

Standard Operating Procedures:

DTH has maintained an unparalleled level of consistent service and customer satisfaction through tried and true operating procedures and standards of excellence. DTH staff and contractual partner carriers strictly adhere to these procedures and standards along with daily management overview and quality measurement. DTH’s standard operating procedures for Next Flight Out (NFO) and Ground Expedited shipments minimize the chance for error and result in an industry high on-time performance standard and customer satisfaction. Loss prevention photo and over-pack innovations reduces potential loss and down time to our customers.

Customer Service:

This is where the rubber meets the road at DTH. With a professional, highly trained, knowledgeable and vested staff, DTH sets the gold standard of customer service within the expedited transportation industry. DTH’s staff understands its customer base, customer needs, customer expectations and has a drive to produce a high measure of customer satisfaction, year after year. Employees are judged, rewarded and compensated by customer satisfaction. At DTH, we know our customers by the sound of their voice, not their account number.


Next Flight Out (NFO) Services

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Expedited Ground Services

Time Critical Premium Services

Checking flight schedule

“We don’t call them hot shots, we call them DTH’s. DTH is all we know when it comes to hot ground shipments.”

Traffic Manager : Industrial Manufacture

“You never ask my account number , address, name, nothing – your team knows me by the sound of my voice. There is no way to place a value on that.”

Field Tech, Medical Industry

“Best transportation company hands down. They understand my company and our needs and they are so easy to do business with. We only use DTH when it matters.”

Traffic Manager, Lighting Industry

“World class service. DTH has been awarded my companies ‘Carrier of the Year’ award the last nine years in a row. That has never happened here . We are very demanding and to maintain that high level of service for that long is remarkable.”

Traffic Manager, 3PL

“I appreciate the excellent attention you are paying to our freight. You guys are really awesome.”

CSR , International Forwarder

“Thank you to the DTH team for being probably the best transport company I have ever dealt with in the last 26 years of doing this. You guys went beyond the call of duty. I will recommend you for all of my companies demands in the future. Thank you again for all your efforts.”

Packaging Consultant, Printing Company

“I just spoke to the customer and he is so happy!!!! He thought a noon delivery was going to be great, but when I told him this just delivered he said: “DTH is awesome , I can’t wait to tell the buyer!””

Purchasing Manager, Fashion Industry

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