We would not know what to do without your company. YOU GUYS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Just in case no one else told you…

Material Planner

We don’t call them hot shots, we call them DTH’s. DTH is all we know when it comes to hot ground shipments. Traffic Manager : Industrial Manufacture

You never ask my account number , address, name, nothing – your team knows me by the sound of my voice. There is no way to place a value on that. Field Tech, Medical Industry

Best transportation company hands down. They understand my company and our needs and they are so easy to do business with. We only use DTH when it matters. Traffic Manager, Lighting Industry

World class service. DTH has been awarded my companies ‘Carrier of the Year’ award the last nine years in a row. That has never happened here . We are very demanding and to maintain that high level of service for that long is remarkable. Traffic Manager, 3PL

I appreciate the excellent attention you are paying to our freight. You guys are really awesome. CSR , International Forwarder

I just spoke to the customer and he is so happy!!!! He thought a noon delivery was going to be great, but when I told him this just delivered he said: “DTH is awesome , I can’t wait to tell the buyer!” Purchasing Manager, Fashion Industry

DTH is always prompt and attentive, we are always provided competitive rates with supreme customer service. Import Traffic Specialist

100% satisfaction.  All we do is hand off our shipment and they do all the rest.  Our sales rep is always available anytime we need him.  We ship a lot of JIT orders.  DTH fully understands what this means.  They commit and deliver from all aspects.  Very well run logistics operation. Dir. of Warehouse Operations

We are in the automotive industry so getting parts when they need to go to keep a production line up and running to avoid costly down line charges is our number one priority.  DTH is our preferred carrier for the job having moved freight with them for over 17 years we have never been disappointed with the service or delivery our product.  We have had some unusual situations over the years and DTH has always provided a way to make it happen going above and beyond what is expected. YOU CAN DEPEND ON THIS COMPANY!

Automotive Industry

Great company.  Great People.  Service is on point.  Give them your shipment and concentrate on other matters. Domestic Agent

When an expedited shipment is needed, I can depend on DTH to get the job done with on-time service, every time. Continuous updates and communication throughout the transit, from pick up to delivery, are the best that I have experienced in the industry. The majority of our customers are in the food packaging industry. Without on-time delivery of our product, perishable goods will be ruined.

DTH’s entire staff is a pleasure to do business with, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Materials Coordinator

DTH is the most reliable carrier in the business. They have never failed to deliver as promised. Exceeding expectations is their normal mode of operation.

DTH is the only option when you have one shot at getting it done right.

DTH has literally dodged hurricanes to get an important shipment delivered on time.

Tool and Test Manager

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