Most Reliable Carrier

    DTH is the most reliable carrier in the business. They have never failed to deliver as promised. Exceeding expectations is their normal mode of operation. DTH is the only option when you have one shot at getting it done right. DTH has literally dodged hurricanes to get an important

    Pleasure To Do Business With

      When an expedited shipment is needed, I can depend on DTH to get the job done with on-time service, every time. Continuous updates and communication throughout the transit, from pick up to delivery, are the best that I have experienced in the industry. The majority of our customers are

      DTH is our Preferred Carrier

        We are in the automotive industry so getting parts when they need to go to keep a production line up and running to avoid costly downline charges is our number one priority.  DTH is our preferred carrier for the job having moved freight with them for over 17 years

        100% satisfaction

          100% satisfaction.  All we do is hand off our shipment and they do all the rest.  Our sales rep is always available anytime we need him.  We ship a lot of JIT orders.  DTH fully understands what this means.  They commit and deliver from all aspects.  Very well-run logistics

          DTH is Awesome!

            I just spoke to the customer and he is so happy!!!! He thought a noon delivery was going to be great, but when I told him this just delivered he said: “DTH is awesome, I can’t wait to tell the buyer!”